SUG PRO Nwokeke Sochima Responds To On Going Issues On Campus


The SUG PRO Nwokeke Sochima has responded to some of the issue going on Campus which the SUG is working effortlessly on. In his post he addressed alot of issues, gave hints and insights, in his words he said


This post has the intent of informing the students and the Public in General about the latest developments on campus with involvement of the S.U.G. in the interest of the students.

Sequel to the action of the closure of the school online website portal which has inhibited the payment of school fees by many students especially the year 1 students, comes this development.

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After much deliberations, consultations and advocations by the S.U.G. President, Comr Nwazuo Remijius on the behalf of the students to the school management, a decision to open up the school portal for generation of invoices with the associated payments of school fees, has been made by the school Management.

To this effect, Students who haven’t paid their fees are hereby urged to make such fees readily available so as to make the payments as soon as the portal is opened.
The students are also calmed down with this post from the rumor that said “anyone who was still yet to pay before the portal’s closure, has bagged a termination of admission”.

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Secondly, this post also has the intent of informing you about the latest development in the school hostels as regards the water supply issue which has trended for a while now.
With the efforts of the S.U.G. President, Dir. Of Welfare and other executive members, the water supply facility positioned in front of Abiola Hostel has been restored to a functional state after a long period in a dilapidated condition.
This positive move towards the convenience of the students in the hostel, has gone a long way to eradicate the issue of low output from the available water facilities.

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Also, the electrification process is ongoing and the procedures that will see to the installation of the ATM machine in school are being facilitated rapidly.

Like He Said
“It can only get better”
The Fruitful & Selfless leadership team Led by Nwazuo Remijius Chisom is already making it better indeed.

(ABSU S.U.G. P.R.O.)


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