Man Asks His Girlfriend to Send Him a S*xy Photo of Her Breasts…What He Finally Got is Unexpected (Photos)

A man who asked his girlfriend to send him a s*xy photo has ended up getting something which is quite the opposite of s*xy.

Ross Casey and his wife, Liz Hicks
A breastfeeding mum whose boyfriend requested a s*xy snap got her revenge by sending him a photograph of her cleavage – covered in “fountains” of baby sick, The Sun UK reports.
Liz Hicks, 27, from Radstock, Somerset, was up at 2am tending to hungry daughter Sydney while partner Ross Casey, 35, was asleep in bed.
As she fed the then two-month-old tot, Liz scrolled through her phone and spotted a message Ross had sent earlier in the day asking for a cheeky picture – but she decided to send him a naughty selfie with a difference.
The woman sent her husband a photo of her messed up breasts
Liz, an occupational therapist, said: “Sydney is my first baby and I basically spent weeks covered in sick as she was a really sicky baby.
“For the first eight weeks it was a real vom fest. I had to change her at least three times a day and another three outfit changes a night.
“Every time I fed her she threw everything back. It never happened when Ross was holding her, only when I did.
“She would even sometimes still be feeding and then throw up all over me and herself. He just used to laugh so I decided to get my own back.”
While Sydney was busy feeding, Liz decided to lure sales manager partner Ross into thinking he’d scored by sending him a photo of her décolletage – complete with decorative vomit.
“I spent the first few months just sat on the sofa asking people to pass me things as I fed her. When she fell asleep I didn’t want to wake her,” she said.
“That night the usual thing happened – I settled down to feed her while I watched Netflix and she threw up. I decided there and then that Ross could have the pic he wanted – it just happened to include a bra-ful of sick.
“This is the reality of breastfeeding. When things like that happen you have to laugh – either that or you end up crying. I decided to take a quick snap to send to Ross and waited for his reaction when he woke up.
“He rang me the following day when he was out at work laughing his head off. He said ‘I finally got a picture of your boobs but I’d rather they weren’t covered in sick’.
“It was quite sweet as he admitted he really felt for me and Sydney.”
Liz quizzed the health visitor about Sydney’s post-meal projectile vomiting and discovered it was nothing for concern.
She said: “I asked about the huge fountains of sick we got during and after meal times and was told that sometimes little ones get a bit of trapped wind and to get that out they end up bring up their whole stomach contents up.
“She suggested trying to keep her up for an hour after feeding – I could either deal with her being sick or try and get some sleep. I usually chose sleep.
“My mum said I was quite a sicky baby too – she seems to think it’s revenge for what I put her through.”
Liz added: “At her worst I probably had our large washing machine on doing a big wash every two days. Mum would help out and take some loads too but it never seemed to end.
“Earlier in the year we couldn’t hang it outside so our living room was full of washing all the time – I never had time to put them away.
“I would just take washing off the airer once it was dry and dress her and me or change the beddingI gave up wearing any nice clothes and would stick to old vest and pyjamas just in case.”
Relieved Liz said that Sydney hasn’t had a “big sick explosion” for a few weeks, and now just has to contend with dribble.
Liz said: “I still have to deal with wet sleeves and shoulders, but at least it’s just drool – I can handle that.
“After my last pic Ross hasn’t asked for any other saucy snaps – perhaps he learned his lesson.”
Ross commented: “Once I got over the initial shock I saw the funny side of the picture. I would definitely ask for boob pics again, but next time without the sick.”
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