Listen Guys, Here Are Five Things Women Want in Bed During S*x


Most men make themselves undesirable which makes the women run away during s*x. Here are the things women want in bed.

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Knowing what a woman wants in bed is the first step towards achieving optimal sexual pleasure, both for a man and his woman. To know how to please your woman in bed, therefore, here’s what to know, as s*x experts tell us!

1. Be aware of how clitoris functions: Women can find it difficult to climax from intercourse alone, says s*x counsellor, Dr. Ian Kerner. He suggests trying a slow grinding, with her on top. That way, she controls the movement whichever way she deprives pleasure from it.

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2. Don’t rush through foreplay: Women want more foreplay — be it oral stimulation of any part of the body, touching, sucking, etc. Women need foreplay for the arousal that leads to desire, says Kerner. His female clients also complain about a limited s*x menu, so foreplay’s variety (all that kissing, rubbing, talking, stroking) can work wonders. Even watching a hot show together can help.

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3. Smell fresh: Humans can get very aroused without any physical touch, Kerner says. Have a shower and be ready before you dim the bedroom lights. Tell her she’s hotter than the actress in the show, and let your hands explore each other’s laps. Start kissing…

4. Don’t be afraid to make demands: Just ask. That’s all you need to do to convince her to experiment in bed. So, ask.

5. Relax, already: Feeling pressure to perform? Can’t blame you: Women are beginning to demand good s*x, s*x experts say. They’re not just lying back and thinking of whatever. Today’s career women can be pickier, Kerner says. Plus, men have a natural desire to want to please women in bed. So, try to relax a little. Distract yourself by focusing on intimate details — her sounds, her expressions, her erect nipples. Encourage her to tell you what to do, says a sexuality expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Tell her you like it when she tells you what she wants.

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The bottom line: Satisfy her and she’ll invite you back.


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