List Of All Top Secret Cults In Nigeria And Initiation Photo


There are cults in Nigeria , secret cults that abounds, there
are cults in Primary schools, secondary schools, and of course
the higher institutes, the Universities, Polytechnics, and college
of education.

Each is school whatever the level has its own cult, especially
primary and secondary schools, the cults in this schools are
L.G.A and state based, so they operate on this level.
For the sake of accuracy I will not mention the cults that are in
Primary and Secondary schools, because they are many and does
not cut across many Nigerian schools.

So our focus will be on Naija higher institutions. The cults
existing there are popular and unlike its lesser counterparts,
they cut across many Nigerian Tertiary Institute.

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1. Pyrate confranternity AKA Sea Dogs
The Pyrate confraternity is arguably the first secret cult in the
Nigerain University system. The mother of all cults as it were.
It’s objectives thus “against moribund convention, tribalism, for
humanistic ideas and comradeship and chivalry” they insisted on
an African content in a White-oriented Campus. But this halycon
days soon passed by when the Buccaneers splited from them.

2. Buccaneers Confraternity AKA National Associations of Sea

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Founded by Bolaji Carew the dead man who is at the same time
alive, the Buccaneers came to be very powerful and become
the main rival to their mother Pyrate Confraternity (they
splittered from them)

3. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity (also known as the National
Association of Air Lords) was formed in the University of Ibadan
in 1965.

4. The Neo-Black Movement of Africa emerged from the
University of Beninin Edo State.

The following were founded in Calabar Cross River in 1983 under
the name Eternal Fraternal Order of the Legion Consortium

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5. Klan Konfraternity

6. Supreme Vikings Confraternity (the Adventurers or,
alternately, the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria)

7. Family Confraternity (the Campus Mafia or the Mafia) Founded
in Abia state University, ABSUU. The Mafians modeled itself
after the Italian Mafia.

8. The Brotherhood of the Blood (also known as Two-Two (Black
Beret) , another confraternity, was founded at Enugu State
University of Science and Technology ESUT.

9. Victor Charlie Boys

This cult was established by one Augustine Ahiazu when he was
vice-chancellor of the Rivers State University of Science


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