How To Know If She Has A Boyfriend Without Asking


1. Social media: You really want to know if she has boyfriend or not, then you have just one assignment to do. Investigate if she is a social media person. Social media girls love to flaunt things which makes them happy, this includes her sweet relationship. As for the female Facebook addicts, all you just need to do is to click on her profile and also click on photos, these photos are the pictures she was tagged which might include that of her boyfriend. For the female Instagram addicts, open few of her posts and check that handle which is mostly being tagged.

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2. Questions: You can actually ask her indirectly if she has a boyfriend with some tricky questions like:
I guess i saw you with your boyfriend at the mall?
– What plans have you this weekend?
– Does your boyfriend tell you how beautiful you look everyday?
This is another way to flirt with her indirectly.

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3. Busy Attitude: Some girls are found of the busy attitude. What is this busy attitude of a thing? It’s when she does this more often: you text, chat, or call her and she comes up with a reply that she is busy at the moment. The actual truth is that she has a boyfriend and am sure she made it clear using the busy attitude that she is not interested in you.

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4. Talks about him more often: Some girls are found of talking about their boyfriend to a guy which is bad for them and good for you reading this. Why is it good? If she complains about him, its a big opportunity for you to snatch her or become the other guy. As the other guy, you will spend less on her and even enjoy her more than the boyfriend *winks*, so make the best out of such opportunity.


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