Help! I Want to Leave My Husband After Hot S*x with Stranger


A woman has confronted relationship expert, Deidre with a baffling question as she can’t cope with her annoying husband she cheated on.

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I had a wonderful, passionate affair last year – the s*x was intense but I ended it for the sake of my husband.

I met my lover by chance. I am 33 and he is 42. My heel caught in a shop escalator, I fell and was shaken up. This man picked me up and bought me a coffee while I calmed down. I think we were both surprised at the spark between us.

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He suggested meeting the next evening for a drink and a meal, which was great fun. After the next date he invited me back to his flat. We were so compatible sexually — it was the best s*x ever for me.

That started nine brilliant months ago. I was happier than I’d even been. I planned to leave my husband but he was suspicious about me being out so often “with the girls” and found some texts on my phone. He pleaded with me to end the affair and stay with him, crying and begging. Stupidly, I gave in.

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He promised to change but we are back to square one. I feel depressed and trapped. My husband is 36 and we have been together for eight years. Nothing I do is good enough for him. He constantly rejects me, even if I just ask for a peck on the cheek. There is no physical contact or decent conversation. I don’t want another affair but I don’t feel human most of the time.

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My husband constantly criticises me and swears at me. Each rejection kills me inside. It was like this even before my affair. I asked him to move out but he passes it off as a joke. He relies on me for everything. He wouldn’t cope on his own. I feel obliged to stay. The only way I can get out is if I flee the country. Yes, it’s that bad.


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