Story: Tales of a Lagos Job Seeker – Lady Narrates Sizzling Romantic Encounter


ass slut 1 2 Story: Tales of a Lagos Job Seeker   Lady Narrates Sizzling Romantic Encounter
Marv has finished school for a while now but has trouble finding a job without strings attached, and then she meets an employer she finds sexy, will she trade sex for a job?

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‘Hello Aunty, I’d be running late today, it’s raining down here and I’m under a shed waiting for it subside before I board a bus home.’

‘Marvie any time you deem fit to come, do come home.’ She said harshly after which she dropped the call.

‘Which kind thing be this one again nah?’ I asked no one in particular.

It was high time I got a job

“Oh Ahaha, you return home on time she laments over some house chores you didn’t do properly, you stay at home the next day to clean everywhere in other to make her happy, she still comes back to lament, Nawa na real wa, pesin no go drink water throwey cup again peaceful”.

I quickly stood up from where I was and boarded a bus home under the rain, you know Lagos now, it wasn’t easy getting a bus but I shaa got one. I’ve been staying with my aunty for months after my service and mehn it hasn’t been easy at all but then I have a roof over my head at least and food on my table. She’s extra nice when she wants to but when she’s in her foul mood, she’s a force to reckon with.

Seated in the danfo bus frustrated, my mind travelled far and wide searching for possible places to get a job or an alternative to my stay with her. Not like I’ve not been to firms where I’m more than qualified to work in but those greedy manager’s won’t give me the job without getting something off me, considering the manager almost tore my clothes off my body with his eye’s at the last interview.

He even called later and told me I’d only get the job if I let him fuck me.

Mr. Femi at the other firm went as far as reaching out for my boobs before I slapped his hands halfway and that was an automatic disqualification for me.

I f*ck yes but in a dignified way, I don’t even know if I have a placard on my face that says

‘Here I am f*ck me’ because the interview I was returning from today wasn’t any different from the former ones, just that in as much as the manager who is cute by the way was interested in blowing my brains out with his dick, he was also first interested in my qualification and how well I fit into the position available.

He was flirting whilst the interview was going on but it didn’t stop him from asking the necessary questions. He waited till the interview was over before asking for my contact

‘It’s on my CV sir’ I told him

‘I know it’s there but I’m asking you to give it to me yourself’ he replied. I gave it to him and left, praying I get the job. I walked a few meters to the bus stop and it started raining profusely.

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I got home and greeted my aunty, she answered me like nothing happened and I headed for my room, had my warm bath and a change of clothes and relaxed a little before going for dinner, I was in the kitchen dishing food for myself when I heard her voice again shouting at Chinaza

‘Lord please not tonight’ I said under my breath. Her voice died down after a while and I sat down to eat and reminisce, I took the first spoon of rice and starred into space,

‘When will all these end? I have no job, no boyfriend to serve as distraction and when I get home I won’t have peace. God please help secure this job and end this misery, at least with a job I’d get my own place and have liberty and please dear Lord send a boyfriend quickly I’m tired of this loneliness’

I took another spoon and continued with my thoughts

‘At least if I had a man now I’d be with him most times and this misery won’t be this bad, it’s this bad because I have nobody to talk to and have soothing s*x with, please Lord help my life’.

I took few spoons more dropped my plate and walked dejectedly back to my room. It’s been weeks since the last interview and I’ve heard nothing from the company and the manager, I gave up on them.

My aunty is out of town so it’s just me and Chinaza, I swear life has never been better, freedom at last and I decided to make judicious use of it. I was out of toiletries so I decided to visit the Mall during the weekend to restock.

Saturday came real quick and I looked forward to stepping out, ordinarily I’d be confined to spending just an hour outside, anything more than that is an issue but I have liberty now so I could stay the whole day if I wanted. I got to the mall at the designated time and started shopping in earnest, I finished shopping and headed to the counter to pay but alas the queue was something else so I had no other choice than to join the long queue in front of me.

I had barely spent five minutes when someone spoke in a familiar voice behind me

‘Excuse me dear, is there someone behind you?’ not sure the question was for me, I ignored and he asked again this time tapping me.

I turned and to my utmost surprise Mr. Laurence was right before me, I answered his question, said a light greeting and faced front. He stood behind me all through the queue with my heart beating heavily, I tried so hard to understand why I was so nervous.

I turned again once more to look at him swiftly and fiam! My heart skipped again

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‘Laurence actually looks good oo’ I thought within, I was so pissed at him during the interview that I didn’t notice his fine face, pink lips and neat beards.

He’s tall and not too thickly built and wow he has dapper fashion sense, his girlfriend is surely lucky. I for no reason felt a pang of jealousy within to the invisible girlfriend, I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know I was in front of the storekeeper, he cleared his throat and startled me back to reality, I apologized for my absent mindedness, cleared my bills and stepped out.

I had barely walked a few meters when he cut up with me and asked that we sit out in one of the bars in the mall and talk, I declined at first but gave in after much persuasion. He chose a bar and we started talking after the bar man took our orders, he asked a lot of personal questions which I barely answered but I guess he was pretty determined to know all about me as he never gave up, to throw him off balance I said to him

‘I should start going, your girlfriend won’t be happy if she sees you here asking personal questions you know?’

He looked at me for a while then laughed out pretty loud, he stares at me again and asked

‘What is that tone in your voice, jealousy? Wow I never knew you fancied me that much, anyway there is no girl and even if there’s one she is not here at the moment, so just clear your head and bond with me.’

He said winking with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. I’ve never felt so stupid, I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out of it, Chinaza’s call saved me thankfully and I looked up at him and told him I’d be leaving as my cousin who is home alone needs something I said standing up

‘Ok, I’d go drop you off then’ he said with a face that suggests he won’t take no for an answer.

We got home and I alighted after thanking him but he followed me out even into the compound

‘Excuse me, where are you going to’ I asked with a scowl on my face

‘Oh common chill, I just wanted to make sure you were okay, I could go back if you don’t want me to’ he said pitifully. I heaved and asked him to come in, Chinaza asked to be taken to Magodo that evening to join our other cousin’s for their party tomorrow. I tried persuading her to stay with me and go first thing in the morning but she refused, dejectedly I packed her stuff and picked up my phone to book an Uber taxi but cancelled when Laurence offered to drop us off.

He dropped us off and waited for me, so he could take me back, whilst taking me back home it started raining and there was crazy hold up between the axis leading to my house, he then suggested we park in a coffee shop close by and chill till it stops raining although his house is close by but suggesting that we go there will practically piss me off, I laughed and said it was okay for him to drive home at least he has been to mine.

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He teased me, saying it was the first time he’s seeing me laugh, the rest of the drive to his house was quiet, we eventually got to his house and rushed in under the rain, I was a little cold so he fixed coffee for me.

The AC in his sitting room was pretty cold and it was taking it effects on me even with the coffee I was taking, it wasn’t long my nipples hardened and putting on an almost see through chiffon top made my situation obvious, I had goose bumps all over and my teeth was getting jittery, I clumsily spilled tea on my top and felt a pain on my skin, I cursed out and he came to my aid.

In the process of trying to wipe the stain off my top, he brushed his hand through my nipple and a slight moan escaped my mouth and I silently prayed he do it again. Like he heard my prayer as he constantly brushed through that spot over and over again and before you could say jack we were kissing.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug into his mouth further with my lips, he laid on me for balance whilst savouring my lips and I reached out and grabbed his dick through his trousers he gasped and I continued massaging his dick.

He then traced my tits with his mouth and bit it slightly when he got to it, he the lifted my cloth and started sucking, I was moaning pretty audibly now, he took that as an invitation and lifted my skirt, surprisingly I had no panties on so he slipped his finger and massaged my soaking wet pucci for a while, he then without notice slammed in real hard and paused for like 30 seconds then started pounding.

He was ramming in strokes after strokes, I was wailing with pleasure and each scream from me was an aphrodisiac to him, he took me in a sitting position and continued ramming in till he felt me vibrating and boom my orgasm over took me and I climaxed instantly, feeling my cum on his cock took him over the edge and he climaxed too.

Looking straight into my face he said ‘Marvie I want you as my lady and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get you.’

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