Seven Incredible S*x positions for Every Mood


sex sex2 Seven Incredible S*x positions for Every Mood
S*x which has been described as one of the sweetest activities in the world could help in fighting depression and getting over a bad day if one remains positive.

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Whether you’re feeling on top of the world or when it seems that the world is about to collapse on you, sometimes you need a bout of s*x to cool you down and re-position your thinking.

The following are incredible s*x positions that suit every mood:

• When feeling wild:

Do the Standing Tiger or the Crouching Dragon. While you’re perched up on an elevated surface, your guy’s p*nis has greater rear entry to hit your G-spot and send tingling sensations all over your body.

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• When in romantic mood:

To get your love hormones really flowing, you’ll want to try an up-close-and-personal move — and the spoon facing position is just the ticket. This allows you to get wrapped in each other’s arms, face-to-face.

• When you’re kinky:

Ask your guy to use a scarf or tie to bind your hands (and possibly, legs) to a chair. Just knowing that you’re at his complete control will drive your senses ballistic. For a stronger orgasm, have him tease your G-spot while simultaneously applying pressure to your pelvic bone.

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• When feeling lazy:

You want to have s*x, but you really don’t feel like trying. Simply pull out the CAT s*x position. It’s a step-up from your standard missionary position because instead of perfectly aligning your bodies, yours is slightly farther above and to the side of his, making vagina access a lot easier.

• When feeling s*xy:

Have him sit on the edge of the bed as you rock back and forth. You can play with the base of his p*nis while he stimulates your nipples and other erogenous zones.

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• When you’re angry:

The Cowgirl is a lifesaver during heated times. You control the thrusts, penetration, and speed of s*x, which is great when you’ve got a lot of pent-up animosity to let loose.

• Are you stressed:

Bad day at the office? Tell your guy to meet you at your place, and when you burst through the door, go straight into the Ballet Dancer. This do-anywhere standing position is quick, easy, and playful—things you desperately need immediately after that office trouble.

Try it in the shower to stimulate more nerve endings and blood-flow.