Er0tic Story: Fulfilling My ‘Franca’ Fantasy – Man Shares S*xual Experience with a Hot Model


ass slut 1 Er0tic Story: Fulfilling My Franca Fantasy   Man Shares S*xual Experience with a Hot Model
I enjoyed her company immensely and I would like to believe she was enjoying mine because she had stayed this long and had not hinted that she wanted to leave…

I met Franca during one of my modelling auditions, she was young, couldn’t have been more than 18 or 19.

She was tall and very beautiful. The first thing that drew me to her were her lips. They were full and pretty. I had never actively made a choice to go after another girl. Of course, I still had my regular thing with Martha and the odd threesomes here and there. But choosing to go through the process of wooing or seducing a strange girl simply because I found her attractive was never something I did. Franca was causing me to change my mind, though.

We sat in the waiting room for hours. She sat next to me but often got up to receive calls and stuff so I was able to look my fill at her. Once, her eyes met mine, eyes looked questioning as if she was wondering why I kept looking at her. I simply looked away, feeling shy all of a sudden. I have never been one to be shy but Franca made me nervous.

I quickly got rid of my shyness as soon as I entered the audition room. There was just one guy and instead of wasting my time trying to show him why I was good for the gig, I simply knelt between his leg and set about to sucking his cock. His dick was not the biggest, so things went quite smoothly. He came in about two minutes. I simply got up, adjusted my gown and left.

I could not bring myself to leave the venue, however. I stood in the car park, waiting for Franca to come out too since she went in after me. I wondered what I would say or how she would take my words.

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Finally, after about 20 minutes, she walked out. She noticed me standing near a car at a corner. I made a movement towards her but she started walking in the opposite direction. I lost my nerve and simply stood where I was. After a few seconds, she paused and turned around.

She strode determinedly over to where I stood, brought out a card from her pocket, wrote her number on it and slipped it to me.

“Maybe you would like to hang out sometime?” She said smoothly, then turned around to leave. I just kept looking at her in a silly daze. It took a few seconds for it to register. I was going to see her again.

A week later, we were both in my bedroom, sitting on my bed with a bottle of beer in hand. It was almost 8pm and we had spent most of the day together. She was fun and funny. I had gotten to know her a bit. She was 18 and had just graduated from secondary school. She was determined to make the modelling thing work so that she can sponsor herself through university. She had a boyfriend, a 28-year-old who worked in Real Estate. Her parents were back in the east and she had never been with a girl.

I enjoyed her company immensely and I would like to believe she was enjoying mine because she had stayed this long and had not hinted that she wanted to leave.

As we sat on her bed, I felt my attraction to her grow. She was wearing a short, pink dress which had ridden up as she sat. I could see her thighs all the way up to her groin. I reached out one hand and began to gently stroke her. She watched my hand slide up and down her thighs then suddenly, she leaned into me and her lips met mine.

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She tasted as beautiful as she looked. Her arms were wrapped around my waist and we spent minutes kissing. My hands were everywhere and eventually came to rest on her ass. Afterwards, I withdrew my mouth so I can take off her clothes. I unhooked her bra then bent to kiss her hardened nipple. I kissed and teased both nipples until she began to squirm.

“Turn around,” I told her. She did. She laid on her tummy on the bed, the curve of her ass rising up so seductively. I pulled down her panties then spent a few seconds rubbing my palm against the sweet, young, ass.

I wanted more so I had my face buried between her ass cheeks, my tongue flicking her opening…her body was tensing up. I could feel my own body react too as I hurriedly got naked. I then straddled her ass, resting my large, swollen pussy on one of her firm ass cheeks.

My hot juices flowed down between her ass cheeks and flooded her opening. I slowly f*cked myself on her. She raised her ass even higher for me and urged me on.

I rubbed myself harder on her ass cheek, f*cking against it ferociously and moaning. I kept at it while rubbing my ni*ples hungrily until I was quivering and cumming all over her ass.

After getting my orgasm out of the way, I returned to pleasing Franca. I slid my tongue down between her ass cheeks, licking some of my juice from her skin. Her body started shaking with excitement. I spread her ass cheeks and drove my tongue deep into her ass. A piercing cry escaped from her mouth as she was pushing back at me, f*cking my mouth with her ass.

I slipped my finger into her sloppy-drippy p*ssy and massaged her g-spot while f*cking my tongue into her ass as far as I could. I continued eating her ass while I fingered her until I felt her pussy tightened around my finger, her juices soon began to flow as she came.

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I turned her around so she was lying on her back while I was still straddling her. I bent to kiss her while my hand played with one of her breasts. I kneaded and tugged at her nipple until she began to squirm again. I reached for my strap-on which laid in my bedside drawer.

Her eyes widened as I strapped myself with the large cock I had come to enjoy using. I held the toy cock to find her entrance. I separated her legs and dove into her. She moaned out loud again, crying out as I began to plunge myself in and out of her wet cunt.

As I f*cked her, my boobs jiggled on her face. She looked mesmerised as she watched them, then eventually, her hands came up and she grabbed my tits. Using her thumb and index finger, she started teasing both n*pples which only got me even more turned on.

I looked down at her cunt as I drove in my cock. She was clenching around me, her moan coming, in short, quick paces until she threw her head back and came again.

My eyes were on her as she came. I then hurriedly took off my strap-on and began to grind my pu*sy against her wet cunt. I was grinding my whole body on her while she held on to my waist.

My clit found hers and we began to move against each other. Her grip on me tightened and I bent to kiss her forcefully as we both enjoyed on of the most amazing orgasms ever.

We spent all night f*cking and by the time she left the next morning, it was with the promise that she would return that evening for more fun.

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