Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Your Séx Life Isn’t Working


4 Reasons Why Your Séx Life Isn’t Working
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Some guys has a secret problem they can’t reveal to anyone
about their s3x life.

Here are four signs that your s3x life needs a make over.

1. You view s3x as a chore

A lot of married couples or people who are in long term
relationships are guilty of this. S3x is no more fun and
adventurous but feels like a chore that must be fulfilled to
one another.

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2. You are hardly ever satisfied

You don’t reach your peak when you get intimate with your
partner…and this is an issue most peculiar to woman.
You might have to guide your partners if they are willing to
listen but another case to be made is that most women don’t
even know what the issue is.

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3. You’re Not Having S3x

For you to have a good s3x life, you must be having s3x. Are
you? If you are in a relationship then it is advisable that you

S3x brings about intimacy, and this is important in your

4. Your Relationship Is Not Working

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Other times, the reason for a poor s3x life could be that you
and whoever it is you are intimate with are not compatible.
In that case there is nothing you can do but move on.
If you are not in a relationship and it is not out of choice, take
action to start feeling wanted/loved today.